me without you

Darling dear,
You have opened me like a book and ripped me apart. You start and stop so consistently I can’t keep up rhythm here indefinitely. So calming and u cause so much alarming in my brain. I can’t shake or take away this concerning pain. I fear to loose or gain a different body, hope , heart a name. Cause your eyes are all that I see. Your blood is to thick, I can’t b washed clean. Nor do I wish too.
Befor the catching wind captures your beauty under nether this pen I reached back befor mine & your eyes and grab the moon to your very surprise. & said darling come gather with me all the silly memories that I ever once had of you, let’s put then in a Jar or two. Seal them tight without our fears and never look back to how I hurt you dear. Cuz I am not who I once use to be. But a better man. Now standing before u and me. Someone who loved lost and forgot. But knows exactly what he’s got!! A gorgeous completions, perfect eyes. A heart of gold. And skin of satin. You deserve diamonds and gold but all I have is this sad heart to give. And gorgeous eyes I can promise will never wander again.